Arrangements for dropping pupils off at the school gates in the morning will remain in place with the following amendments, to help speed the process up:


  • Gates will open at 8.30am & will close at 8.45am when school starts. Pupils can arrive at any point between 8.30-8.45am and they will be met by members of the SLT every morning.
  • Pupils can be dropped off at either the Derby Street or Coalpool Lane Gate, but parents will not be allowed on to School site.
  • Nursery must arrive at the Derby Street Gate at 8.30am (as Nursery start time is 8.30am)
  • Pupils will not need to have their temperature taken.
  • Parents requiring a meeting with any member of staff, need to be booked in advance via the school office. Teachers will not be available to meet with parents before school, nor will parents be granted access to the school site before school as this is our busiest period.


Collecting pupils from the school playground afterschool will be everyday, giving parents the opportunity to speak with the class teacher or TA if a meeting has been pre-arranged via the school office.


  • Parents can collect from the playground, where classes will be lined up behind the railings
  • Parents need to remain the other side of the railings until their child is called and can enter and exit the site through either Coalpool Lane or Derby Street.
  • Gates will open on these days at 3.10pm for a prompt dismiss at 3.15pm.