Music Subject Statement


At North Walsall Primary Academy, we feel it is important to give children opportunities to express themselves in a creative way, allowing them to be encompassed in the world of music and other creative arts. Our goal is to implement an engaging, rich curriculum that allows children of all abilities to develop a love of music, and their talents as musicians. The children are encouraged to develop a critical engagement with music, encouraging them to increase their self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement. The Music curriculum is designed in a progressive way, which enables children to build on prior knowledge, skills and understanding whilst experiencing engaging learning experiences.


In Early Years, children are introduced to the music curriculum through ‘Expressive Arts and Design’. In this topic, children learn how to sing songs, make music and dance as a way of expressing themselves. They also learn how to express their own ideas, thoughts and feelings through music. As the children continue their educational journey, we aim for them to experience an engaging and expressive music curriculum that includes; using their voice expressively and creatively, experimenting with different sounds to create their own compositions. They will also learn an appreciation of music from around the world, and the composers that created this music.

At North Walsall, we use ‘Charanga’ to support the delivery of our teaching and learning. This programme allows children to develop a love of music, and have fun whilst learning new and creative ideas. In Key Stage One, we teach the children how to use their voices expressively and creatively by singing songs, speaking chants and rhymes. They also, begin to play tuned and un-tuned instruments whilst experimenting with a range of different sounds, tempos and genres of music. In Key Stage Two, children continue to develop prior knowledge and new skills as they continue their musical journey. As they move through the school, the music curriculum begins to focus on music history and music from the past and present. Exposing children to different genres of music as well as music from different parts of the world. They begin to compose songs and instrumentals, using musical notation to show an understanding how we write music.

Music is not only taught explicitly in a traditional ‘music lesson’, music is also integrated in our daily school life, using songs and rhymes to learn new topics and ideas in English and Maths. We also have the school Choir that meets after school weekly. Our aim is to ensure all children are able to find a pathway into music and creativity, supporting them to develop new skills and find new talents.


Our engaging, coherently planned music curriculum aims to ensure children leave our school as creative individuals with heightened self-confidence and the ability to express themselves musically. They will have a vast understanding and knowledge of musical history; being able to discuss different composers and how their music shaped the world around us. Furthermore, they will be able to use their voices to communicate in a way that unites the communities around us. Continuing their love of music into their future, composing how they use this knowledge in their next step of education.