Music Subject Statement

Wider Curriculum Leader: Mrs K Tilley

Subject Leader: Miss Z Rook

Deputy: Miss G Sims

NWPA curriculum Intent:

Our curriculum at North Walsall Primary Academy is designed to deliver a broad and balanced education to all of our leaners so that they are confident and able to lead successful lives. We work hard to ensure our students understand how their learning links to the wider world and receive opportunities to broaden their cultural capital so they become responsible citizens within their communities and make positive contributions

At North Walsall Primary Academy, we feel it is important to give children opportunities to express themselves in a creative way, allowing them to be encompassed in the world of music and other creative arts. Our goal is to implement an engaging, rich curriculum that allows children of all abilities to develop a love of music, and their talents as musicians. The children are encouraged to develop a critical engagement with music, encouraging them to increase their self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement. The Music curriculum is designed in a progressive way, that follows the new Model Music Curriculum and which enables children to build on prior knowledge, skills and understanding whilst experiencing engaging learning experiences.