Our vision at North Walsall Primary Academy, is to provide exceptional education that inspires all pupils to flourish into confident, successful and well-rounded individuals, by providing opportunities that will enable them to achieve their full potential.

From their very first day in nursery – to the day they leave us at the end of year 6, full of ambition, hopes and dreams, our curriculum prepares pupils for a life beyond our school gates. Our curriculum ensures a path to success for all pupils.  Our pupils leave us as fluent readers, responsible citizens and well-rounded young people. Our vision, is for all of our pupils to thrive at North Walsall, immersed in an exciting & purposeful curriculum and environment.

Our values – the heart of school life

This is the North Walsall Way

No-Opt-Out – We seize every opportunity, we are present in the moment and fully engaged at all times.

Worldly-Wise –We immerse ourselves in a language rich environment, we explore new vocabulary, and we use our words to express how we feel, and share what we know.

Perseverance – We know the value of hard work, we never give up, we strive to do better, to be better and to achieve our full potential.

Achievement – We achieve the very best in everything we do, we do this because we know the value of education – We opt-in-not-out; we choose our words wisely and we persevere no matter what.