If your child has a special need or disability we will:

  • Talk to you about your child’s difficulties in learning or disability so we can understand their needs.
  • Make an assessment of your child’s learning so we know which skills they need to learn next.
  • Ask the Special Educational Needs Coordinator to support and advise teachers so that your child can learn in the best way for him/her.
  • Provide a range of programmes delivering extra support in areas of their learning and/or development.
  • Check on progress at least once a term and invite you to a meeting to discuss that progress.
  • Ask for advice from an educational psychologist, speech and language therapist if we need additional on how to help your child make progress.
  • Talk to you if we think we need to consider asking the local authority to carry out a coordinated assessment of your child’s needs because more advice/resources are needed to help your child to make progress.
  • Meet with you and your child’s teacher if you are worried about your child and think they may need extra help for any reason.

Our SEND co-ordinator is Jodie Dell