Approved by the Standards and Outcomes Committee of the Trust Board, March 2020

All learners in our academies will experience a curriculum that

  1. is ambitious and enjoyable through knowledge and skills developed from Foundation Stage to Post 16 and Adult provision.
  2. is knowledge rich, ensuring access to a wide, global cultural capital – thus maximising lifetime opportunities.
  3. is inclusive, nurturing and tailored towards the needs of the individual.
  4. is focused on developing the very best literacy, numeracy and digital skills – enabling access to the widest learning and the very best careers possible to ensure we develop global citizens.
  5. is enriching, ensuring all experience a rich variety of cultural, artistic and sporting activities.
  6. is broad in terms of coverage and (at least) encompassing the breadth of the 2014 English National Curriculum.
  7. celebrates the uniqueness of each educational setting in terms of localised knowledge and skills.
  8. develops character, personal pride and the highest moral standards.
  9. celebrates diversity, challenges injustice, promotes equality and encourages the creation of a better world.
  10. Is delivered by well-qualified, forward-thinking, skilled, passionate professionals.

Wider Curriculum Subject Statement NWPA


The curriculum at North Walsall Primary Academy is designed to provide a broad and balanced education that meets the needs of all children. It provides opportunities for children to develop as independent, confident and successful learners, with high aspirations, who know how to make a positive contribution to their community and the wider society.

The curriculum ensures that academic success, creativity and problem solving, reliability, responsibility and resilience, as well as physical development, well-being and mental health are key elements that support the development of the whole child and promote a positive attitude to learning. The curriculum is supported by, a wealth of hands-on experiences and educational visits, underpinned by key outcomes.

We endeavour to build strong links with parents as we value their input as partners to enhancing their child’s education aiming to actively engage them in both their child’s learning and wider Academy life.

The curriculum is responsive to, and celebrates the diversity and utilises the skills, knowledge and cultural wealth of the community while supporting the children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, ensuring that children are well prepared for life in modern Britain.



At North Walsall, we use the ‘Cornerstones’ programme to support the delivery of our teaching and learning of the wider curriculum. We have a well-planned, coherent curriculum which focuses on developing the children’s wide range of knowledge, skills and understanding in a clear progressive way.

We aim to have high expectations of our children to work hard and demonstrate positive learning behaviours to maximise their individual learning potential. SMSC and Cultural Capital are ‘golden threads’ which we aim to include at the heart of the curriculum we deliver, to closely meet the needs of our pupils.

We offer a wide range of enrichment opportunities and educational visits which are carefully chosen and planned to deepen understanding and to enhance hands-on, exciting and engaging learning experiences. Children from across the school have access to a wide range of extra-curricular activities in both sport, music and the creative and performing arts. Continuing Professional Development for all staff is currently a priority to ensure they have the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver the highest standards across the entire curriculum. Subject Leaders are becoming increasingly expert in playing a pivotal role in both the design and delivery of their subject area; ensuring a clear progression of both skills and knowledge across all year groups. They aim to articulate how learning is re-visited and developed year-on-year, to ensure a real depth of learning right across the school.


Our engaging, coherently planned Curriculum aims to ensure children leave our school equipped with the knowledge and skills to prepare them in their future learning and beyond. We aim for our children to be resilient, inquisitive and happy learners who enjoy learning new things and have a genuine interest in the world around them.

Curriculum Provision

Curriculum Coverage Maps

More curriculum information for each year group can be found on our Curriculum Maps and Knowledge organisers below.

Nursery Curriculum Map

Sunshine And Sunflowers

Reception Curriculum Map

‘Animal Safari’

Reception Knowledge Organiser

‘Animal Safari’

Year 1 Curriculum Map

School Days

Year 1 Knowledge Organiser

School Days

Year 2 Curriculum Map


Year 2 Knowledge Organiser


Year 3 Curriculum Map

Emperors And Empires

Year 3 Knowledge Organiser

Emperors And Empires

Year 4 Curriculum Map

Ancient Civilisations

Year 4 Knowledge Organiser

Ancient Civilisations

Year 5 Curriculum Map

Groundbreaking Greeks

Year 5 Knowledge Organiser

Groundbreaking Greeks

Year 6 Curriculum Map

Britain At War

Year 6 Knowledge Organiser

Britian At War

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