Physical Education (PE) Subject Statement

Wider Curriculum Leader: Mrs K Tilley

Subject Leader: Miss S Pritchard

Deputy: Mrs K Allen


NWPA curriculum Intent:

Our curriculum at North Walsall Primary Academy is designed to deliver a broad and balanced education to all of our leaners so that they are confident and able to lead successful lives. We work hard to ensure our students understand how their learning links to the wider world and receive opportunities to broaden their cultural capital so they become responsible citizens within their communities and make positive contributions.

Physical Education at North Walsall Primary Academy aims to support and encourage all our pupils to become successful young sports people and become more ‘physically competent.’ Skills are taught to ensure that ‘learning to move’ is a key part of our lessons, as well as being, fun, competitive and engaging.  We will try to provide our pupils with the knowledge needed to be successful in PE, physical activity, and School sports. The children are encouraged to not only take part in extra-curricular activities, but also think like a sports person, considering how they can improve and develop their skills. The PE curriculum is designed in a progressive way which enables all children to build upon prior skill acquisition and sport knowledge.