• All children will be dropped
    off at the gate and welcomed by a member of School staff at either Derby Street or Coalpool
    Lane Gate and parents will leave, with the exception of Nursery children who will enter the
    school via Derby Street gate only and be met by a member of the Nursery staff.
  • Gates will open at 8.20am and will close at 8.30am when school starts.
  •  Classroom doors will open at 8.25am prompt.
  •  Gates will close at 8.30am prompt, therefore if you are dropping your child at
    Coalpool Lane gate and the gate is closed, you will need to walk your child to Derby
    Street Gate.
  • Any children arriving after 8.30am will receive a late mark and will need to enter
    school via the School office to be signed in.
  •  If your child arrives in school after 9.00am, they will receive a ‘U’ code, which is
    classed as an unauthorised absence.
  • Breakfast Club arrangements will remain the same.
  • Parents requiring a meeting with any member of staff, need to be booked in advance via the school office. Teachers will not be available to meet with parents before school.


  • For collection at the end of the day, gates will open at 3.20pm and children will be dismissed at 3.30pm. This will give parents the opportunity to speak with the class teacher or TA if a meeting has been pre-arranged via the school office.
  • Parents should collect their children from the classroom doors.
  • Parents can enter and exit the site through either Coalpool Lane or Derby Street.